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Dear Tiger Field Hockey alumnae and friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some information about one of the biggest supporters of Princeton Field Hockey team: the Friends of Princeton Field Hockey group. Our Friends Group works hard to help our community remember the cherished memories of being on campus, cheering for your team, and creating lifelong friendships. It also strives to make the experience of current and future Tigers as wonderful as yours. At the beginning of last season, we sent out an email titled "Friends of Princeton Field Hockey 101" and with the season now in full swing, we thought it might be helpful to remind you all of the critical role our Friends Group plays and why we are soliciting for your help this year.

What does the Friends Group do?

Our mission is to create an environment that reminds all of you of the fabulous memories, lessons learned, friendships formed, and Tiger pride that we felt when representing or rooting for the Black & Orange on the field. Every single one of you-whether you are an alumna, a parent, or a true friend-has contributed to the legacy of Princeton Field Hockey, making the program what it is today. By continuing to support our Friends Group, you are ensuring that the young women who follow in our footsteps will be fortunate enough to have those same memorable and life-changing experiences you had.

While Princeton University supports athletics in a variety of ways, teams need additional funds from their Friends Group to add resources so they can compete effectively at the highest competitive levels. Many of you may not realize that the Friends group funds key initiatives such as a second assistant coach, travel outside of the Ivy League and all technology needs (video analysis, etc.). The Friends group is also instrumental in making sure we have the opportunity to celebrate the team and outgoing seniors at the banquet each year.

What are the fundraising goals for this year?

First of all, we want to thank everyone who supported the Friends Group during fiscal year 2014. Thanks you to your contributions, we were able to reach our lofty fundraising goals and even increase our participation rate by a full percentage point. While we are thrilled with last season's achievements, we wouldn't be former Princeton athletes if we didn't think we could do even better this year!

This year, we have the opportunity to contribute to a very important milestone for the Tigers. After having to postpone the tradition for several years, the Tigers are planning an international trip to South Africa in Spring 2015. Some of you know from first-hand experience how valuable a journey like this is for the team, as it is an opportunity to come together (both within and across classes) and for the players to experience the game in an international environment.

The University has committed a generous amount towards the total cost, but the team will still rely largely on the Friends Group to make this once-in-a-lifetime trip a reality. Thanks to a generous donor, we are well on our way with $10,000 committed to the cause, but we still have a long way to go to reach our goal of raising $60,000 by December 31. We are very excited to be part of providing the Tigers with such a meaningful experience and hope you will join us in making it happen!

How can I give?

You can give at any time throughout the current fiscal year 2015; however, Friends Groups are only allowed to solicit you from July 1 - December 31. Princeton's fiscal year runs from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015 so keep this in mind for tax reasons! There are two ways to give:

- With a credit card: visit our websitewww.friendsofprincetonfieldhockey.org and follow the "Support" link. Or you can go directly to the Athletic Department's page at:https://makeagift.princeton.edu/athletics/MakeAGift.aspx. If you use this option, make sure to indicate Field Hockey on varsity sports the pull-down tab.

- With a check made out to "Friends of Princeton Field Hockey" and mail to us at: Friends of Princeton Field Hockey

P.O. Box 5357
Princeton, NJ 08543

Thank you for your support of Princeton Field Hockey!


Princeton University
Dillon Gym
Princeton, NJ 08544

Phone (609) 258-4976
Fax (609) 258-2490

43 Years of Field Hockey!

Friends of Princeton Field Hockey
c/o Head Coach Kristen Holmes-Winn
7 Dillon Gym
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08540

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