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Dearest, most wonderful FRIENDS,

Wow!  We are blown away by the field hockey turnout in support of Tiger Give Day on December 2!  On Saturdaynight, Kristen, Mike and I proudly accepted a check for $12,500 as a result of the amazing Friends of Field Hockey donor participation rate (see photo below). 

So many people worked tirelessly to collectively produce this outcome.  From the anonymous field hockey family who threw down a $10,000 challenge grant, to the sponsor who offered to provide "scholarships" to back anyone who couldn't afford to make a $10 gift (though not a single person asked to use them), to the 28 "ambassadors" who personally called/emailed/texted every single one of our Friends members, to the team members who rallied to offer last-minute encouragement to potential donors, it was a great team effort!

And, what a finish!  We actually ended up only 18 donors out of first place, after leading the competition all day.  Turns out that a lot of water polo alumni live on the West Coast and gave after the rest of us had already turned in . . . we'll be ready for them next year!

None of this would have happened without you, though.  We truly cannot thank you enough, and wanted to make sure you clearly understood the difference your participation made:

·         More Friends!  We added 88 new members to our Friends group on Tiger Give Day (going from 579 to 667), which is a 15% increase. This is incredibly important, as we have historically depended upon the generosity of a small number of committed donors.

More Money!  Our donors generously contributed $33,032 on Tiger Give Day, and our second-place result earned us an additional $12,500 in prize money.  We needed $80,000 to fund the team's 2015 international trip, andhave made huge progress against our goal, thanks to you.  

More Fun!  More than 359 people supported Tiger Field Hockey on Tiger Give Day, which represented a 53.8% participation rate.   To put this extraordinary result in perspective, last year our participation rate was 10.3%.  We increased participation by more than FIVE TIMES this year!  Most importantly, however, our community truly re-connected . . . pictures flew, phone lines buzzed and aging field hockey players guffawed at long-forgotten shared memories. 

But It's Much Bigger Than All That:  It's important to remind you that Field Hockey is the only women's team at Princeton which does not have a men's counterpart sport with whom to share fundraising responsibilities.  On top of that, we are challenged by the fact that women's sports have only been on campus for roughly 40 years, so we depend upon a smaller group of dedicated alumnae than many other sports.    The very practical result of this one-two punch is that the field hockey team hasn't been able to afford to travel every four years like other Princeton teams. 

Because of your generosity, the team will take its first international trip in ten years, and will travel in March to play in South Africa.   Because of your commitment, the team will travel knowing that they are part of an inspired tradition of Princeton women, who are proud to support other women's dreams and aspirations.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  Go Tigers!

Patti Owens '85 and Kristen Holmes-Winn

Princeton University
Dillon Gym
Princeton, NJ 08544

Phone (609) 258-4976
Fax (609) 258-2490

43 Years of Field Hockey!

Friends of Princeton Field Hockey
c/o Head Coach Kristen Holmes-Winn
7 Dillon Gym
Princeton University
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